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We start with behavioral problems. There is sufficient evidence to suggest that aromatherapy is mighty effective on our minds and behavior. Clinical tests on mice have shown the impact of essential oils and incense on these mice. When hyper-excited mice were subjected to the aroma of lavender, sandalwood, and other oils, they were calmed down. And when the same mice were exposed to the aroma of orange terpenes, thymol, and other similar substances, they became very irritable. What is surprising to note here is that these oils were detected in the blood-stream of the mice after an hour or so. These experiments prove conclusively that essential oils do prove effective on the behavioral pattern and as such aromatherapy help could be taken for problems related to it.

Aromatherapy does wonders with sleep disorders. In most cases of insomnia, patients show a marked improvement with aromatherapy help. It is seen that patients that inhale lavender aroma at night get undisturbed sleep in most of the cases. These were patients who used to take sleeping pills to get sleep but were sleeping very well when lavender aroma was used on them.

Similarly, aromatherapy can be used for colds. You must have heard that chicken soup works wonders for patients suffering from cold. What is interesting to note here is that doctors wanted to test whether the effect was due to the action of the hot steam on the lining of the nostrils or whether the aroma of the chicken soup did the trick. Experiments were done and the results showed that the aroma of the chicken soup was far more effective than the steam emanating from it.

Aromatherapy help could also be taken for postpartum disorders. Most of the women complain of the worst discomfort during the third and the fifth day after childbirth. When lavender oil is applied to the region of the perineal (the area between vagina and rectum), it proves wonders with the discomfort, and most of the women who apply it actually report starting to improve between the third and the fifth day.

You can also take aromatherapy help in case of stress. Numerous studies have shown patients getting marked relief with aromatherapy help. Even certain phobias also get reduced with aromatherapy help.


Conditions of hypertension and fatigue also get considerably reduced with aromatherapy help. Some experts also believe that aromatherapy helps increases blood flow to various organs of the body and as such aromatherapy help could be taken to improve male virility and might be used to cure impotency.
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